The Elswicks in Nicaragua

Team Elswick is made up of Tony and Amber Elswick along with their four daughters: Abigail (11), Hannah (10), Bethany (8) and Nicolette (5). They moved to Nicaragua in February 2015 to learn Spanish before starting their ministry. Evangelical Christianity in Nicaragua is growing rapidly but the pastors and lay leaders are woefully undertrained due in large part, to a lack of resources. The Elswicks have made it their mission, then, to help the church mature through theological education and church planter training or as they say “More Training, More Pastors, More Churches.” Leveraging technology like tablets and DVDs to use Third Millennium Ministries’ theological training and organizing pastors in learning communities, Tony is currently training over 20 pastors and lay leaders in 5 group and plans to expand that next year. Also, launching next year, will be their church planter/advanced pastoral training, which they hope will be a vehicle for establishing a reformed and Presbyterian presence in Nicaragua.