Tim LeCroy

Lead Pastor

Tim is a native of South Carolina, but has been a resident of Missouri since he and his wife Rachel moved here in 2003. He has an Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary and a PhD in Historical Theology from Saint Louis University. He is also Visiting Instructor of Church History at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. He has been the pastor of Christ Our King since January of 2012.

Let Tim tell you about his vision for pastoral care in his own words: “I have a real passion to help people in Columbia grow in their relationship with Christ. I love teaching people from the Bible and relaying to them the truths of Christian Theology. I am devoted to a life of prayer, and it excites me when I get to help others grow in the ways that they pray and listen to God. I have a heart for broken and hurting people, and I love to tell them about God’s love, forgiveness, and healing touch.”

Tim is always available to meet with anyone who attends our church to talk, pray, teach, or give council. Tim can often be found advising¬† someone over breakfast at Ernie’s, counseling someone at Fretboard Coffee, catching up with a parishioner at Shotgun Pete’s BBQ, or having a beer and playing trivia with Christ Our King folks at the International Tap House.

Tim would love to meet you, get to know you, and help you in your journey towards Christ.